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Callie y Arizona son claramente la mejor pareja. Callie es claramente de los mejores personajes. Bailey la pelea parejito parejito. Nada, todavía no dejo de reírme de la escena de Callie y Miranda en el quirófano. Y eso que vi el capítulo hace como 4 días.

You wanna be in the O.R. with those two? They hate each other.
Oh, they’re professionals, they’ll be fine.
It’s tense and it’s cold and it’s dangerous, it feels like defusing a bomb in a haunted house that’s built on a mined field and there are bears and they are everywhere and the bears have knives…
I have to be in here with them for the next eight hours.
You have (…) or you will die. We will all die. Their hate will destroy this hospital and then the whole planet. I’m counting on you, Bailey. We’re all counting on you. God’s with you.